Pete Ryan - Carving up the West Coast, One log at a time ....

My father worked in a sign shop where all his friends were sign painters. Doing trucks and billboards that used to be hand painted, and gold leaf lettering. Of amazing quality no longer seen today, That was part of my life I was losing as I got older, I  worked at different jobs but got no enjoyment from them.

So I moved to British Columbia here I saw the big totems ,and thought how cool they where , like the old signs a true art, and was again attracted by there beauty . I used to carve rifle stalks for my friends and had some carving experience.

Not long after I saw a man Don Colp, carving with a chainsaw in a mall selling his carvings , he inspired me, and not long after I was doing the same thing I then decided to take a four year art course with Minneapolis art instruction s school it was mostly about painting and drawing advertisement and signs etc. I just applied that knowledge to the tools I was using , and it helped me understand the basics and what was really needed to become a good artist. It is now 38 years later and I have been carving and making a decent living since, I kind of think of that old song Albert Flasker was a work shop owner .and when my shop is full of carvings it looks cool and gives me a feeling knowing I never lost. being true to yourself , and your beliefs , that you can do what you want if your willing to work at it, and its true what they say work becomes play, and I’m always look forward to the next day of play, In my 38 years I have learned much but , inside me I know the best work is just about to happen , they claim it takes 40 years in development , to make a good master artist or tradesman   learning all you can with a future of work ahead of you, as industries advance so must the artist. Keeping his work as a Canadian Original, something we certainly need more of in today’s  changing world,

I also have my own gallery just out side of town on 63010 Old FloodHope Road, where I sell my pieces to tourist and local people.

Artist Peter Ryan